Places To Visit Near Rococco Morjim Resort, Goa

Goa is considered as one of the most visited destinations in India and is loved by avid travellers. The enchanting breeze of this city captivates the mind and soul of all ages. The beaches of Goa are magnificent and create amazing sites for everyone to enjoy their time with their loved ones.

Morjim Beach

Famous for its beautiful views, this beach in Goa is popular among avid travellers.

The beach is located a few steps away from Rococco Morjim Resort which makes it one of the most popular beach resorts in Goa.


Morjim Beach Goa Rococco Morjim Resort Resort in Goa

Ashvem Beach

Enjoy sunbathing and swimming at this popular beach in Goa. The sight of the beach becomes exceptionally beautiful when the sunlight blends with the sparkling waves of the sea.

The beach is only 1 kilometre away from our beach resort in Goa.

ashvem beach rococco morjim resort in Goa
Chapora Fort Rococco Morjim Hotel in Goa

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is popularly known for its key location role in the movie Dil Chahta Hai. After the movie, this famous fort got its celebrity image back in the league.

Chapora Fort is 13 kilometres away from the Rococco Morjim Resort in Goa.

Arambol Market

Arambol Market is an exceptionally amazing place for shoppers. You can also rent authentic huts and enjoy the stay in them for affordable prices.

This popular market is only 7 kilometres away from the Rococco Morjim Resort in Goa.

arambol market rococco morjim resort in Goa
Terekhol Fort 2 Rococco Morjim Resort. Hotel in Goa

Tiracol Fort

Also known as Terekhol Fort, this popular destination is located on the northern part of Goa. It is situated at the banks of Tiracol River and presents a wonderful view for travellers.